So did I mention I'm a composer? I guess I have.

Well to the right is a score I made for an UpWorthy facebook spot back with Off The Ground. Below that is the cast album of Aliens Coming, the musical I music directed and wrote. Below this text box is a link to the last single my band put out, recorded onto tape. 

Music has always been my creative touchstone. It's where I find my inspiration to branch out, and it's where I'll always feel the most comfortable.

the musician in me
having an eye

I founded a photography company with my partner and we take good photos. These are a few of my favorites of the ones I've taken



i can design?

So I get bored and mess with making websites. I'm not so hot on html, but sites like WIX, Wordpress and SquareSpace let me make what I like without having to code too much. Below is a website I designed for a talent management company in NYC. 

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