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'How many people can we get into a room, that will leave at the end of the night saying this was the best experience they've ever had' 


It starts off with a friend saying "hey, do you think this is possible?". The first time it was a house party, we wanted a crazy theme, 2 kegs and to not end up in jail because of noise complaints. Then I started interning and working for companies who had events for more then just 'a dope ass time', and I realized the potential for using physical space to create experience, related to an idea, project and mission.

Above is a picture of OTB Live back in the studio I used to work at, and it's what really inspired my (through assisting on them) love of events and the work that goes into them. These were concerts with a boutique chef, local art installations and sponsored alcohol, catering to an 'invite only' crowd of Brooklyn creatives. A nightmare to some, but an inspiration to me that I could create, run and envision awesome events both for myself, and for brands/organizations.

I have now worked on a bunch of events through NYU, 3 concerts, a dozen parties and 2 art exhibitions - all with the goals of providing an incredible experience to those participating, but also supporting a wider mission/goal (even if that goal in a few parties is to get remarkably drunk and have a good time). I'm good at it, and its what I want to be doing forever.


'A playwright, a budding investement banker and a musicician start an off-off Broadway production company.' 


Seems like the start of a bad sitcom doesn't it.


Well true to form, my co-founders and I started AshCat Productions, coming together much like the characters of a bad sitcom might; to bring to life a half ridiculous partially formed plan. We put up a Musical! Our Book of Mormon-esque creation (written by Co-Founder Joseph Kelly with music by yourstruly) ran for 14 shows at The Peoples Improv Theatre, grossing over $15,000 in its entirety and selling over 1000 tickets. 

I functioned as one of the executive producers as well as the music director, so you could say that I was the creative producer of this show.....

interactive installations


Imagine a painting that you could touch and make cool sounds! 


Screw that, lets make it so you can make music with it

Back when I was working for One Thousand Birds, we collaborated with artists and musicians to build interactive murals. Featured as the main interactive installations at multiple tech events, the murals relied on capacitive touch and conductive paint to turn any part of it into an iPhone level sensitive touchpad. The one in the video below is 1 of 5 murals that I was the lead/only producer. As one of the original creators of this installation I am proud to see them continuing to be succesful experiential products and I wish them all the luck in the world!

music production

"It's loud for a university library. Very loud. Hundreds of students whisper surreptitiously to each other under the disapproving glare of powerless library minders. Four boys huddle in a corner booth, no light illuminates them other then the cold glow of a single MacBook Pro to which they are drawn like flies to honey. They closely guard the screen from passer-byes, ever wary of  prying eyes. The boy closest to the keyboard steels himself, solemnly moving his hand across the track pad to place the mouse over the 'publish' button. Their recently created SquareSpace default template website is about to go live, bringing life to a brand new burgeoning start-up, the brain child of four over ambitious and naive college sophomores.......

- An excerpt from 'I Was So Self Important', a fictional fictional novel about love, loss and a lack of HTML knowledge.

Ahhhh.... My first real money making scheme. Back in 2015 I served as the Operations Manager and Co-Founder of a Music Composition startup. We partnered with budding directors in the film school to bring them low cost originally scored music from hungry composers from the music program. The founders ourselves set our eyes on big fish, using the great art of cold calling and tangential connections to land a few medium sized spots with UpWorthy, Reebok and BuzzFeed. 

We probably made over $4000 total before we got too busy with school to keep it up, though i know for a fact one of the founders (now a professional film scorer) definitely still uses it from time to time to get jobs.

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